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Welcome to our English business site.

The core business of NeoLux Inc. is trading and investment.
In the trading business, we deal with high technology equipment such as devices for optical communication field and FBG(Fiber Bragg Grating) interrogation system for architectural field including FBG sensor. We also provide white-glove technical repair service of our products in Japan.
In the investment business, we have a fund for monetary market including derivatives, and we invest it in the world market timely based on our original computer aided theory and philosophy.

If you would like to export your products to Japan, please contact us and use our marketing ability. We are very interested in your brand-new products, and we would like to help your business timely.

Dr.Eng., CMTA Ι *
Shinji Kawamoto
NeoLux Inc.

*CMTA Ι is a qualification of the Nippon Technical Analysts Association.

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